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Pokey and husband Dick

Pocahontas, (yes that's her real name), is a direct decendent of the Nanticoke Indian tribe of the Delaware country. There are quite a few books that have been written about her tribe, and a copy of it's history is in the National Archives in Washington, DC. The Nanticoke is on her mothers side. Her father was Cherokee blood. Pocahontas great grandfather, Wyainco, was a chief of the tribe in the 1800's.

Family Reunion

Pocahontas tribe, the Nanticokes, are still very active in the Delaware country and hold a Pow Wow every year in order to preserve the old ways and to remind new generations of their heritage. Decendants of the Nanticokes come from all over the country to take part in the Pow Wows. Pocahontas has attended many Pow Wows and taken her children and grandchildren.


Below is a picture of Pokey's mother at a Pow Wow, taking part in an Indian dance. That's her with the white hair. Then on the following page are some pictures of their past Nanticoke family.

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